A Day in San Jose

My sister had a bucket list for fall which included a photoshoot with leaves, so I visited her in San Jose to help her check that item off her list (never mind that it's already the middle of winter). I took the chance to explore the city a little bit. Stephanie said that I'm the first tourist she's ever seen there.

We stopped at Falafel's Drive-In for lunch and ate at the rose garden.

This was my first time at Santana Row, and I didn't go into any storesjust Pinkberry.
The cats at this park were a nice change from the homeless people I usually see at SF parks.

Should've known this was a sign that we weren't done eating.
No trip to SJ is truly complete without Vietnamese food.

Christmas in San Francisco

Alright, this post is over a month late, but I have a good reason! My laptop was in the shop for a few weeks (my uncle gave priority to his paying customers, but he replaced my LCD for free). Not that any of this matters since no one reads this blog. Anyway, I spent Christmas with Bonny and Steph in the most tourist-ridden part of the city. We didn't know where else to go, and we knew that the Musée Mécanique (best thing about Fisherman's Wharf) is open every day of the year.

P.S. This is the first post featuring photos taken with my new camera!

Trish's Mini Donuts. I always get a dozen of these whenever I'm at Pier 39.

My favorite machine.
I will beat him someday!

Uneaten bread bowls.
Breaks my heart to see all this waste. I hope some of these will at least be composted.
My Christmas dinner.