I didn't take very many photos during this trip. We were given $750 to spend at various shops, so we spent most of our time shopping at Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood. I did manage to grab a drink with my Paris roommate on the last night though. :)
View of the pool area from our room.
Hot tubbin'.

My haul from H&M.

Peggy's Retirement Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Peggy's retirement at Presidio Social Club. The afternoon was full of delicious food and laughter. A good deal of the laughing (and embarrassed gasping) were due to the Creative Cursing book that Tiff included in her gift. I'll never forget Peggy's and Josephine's reaction when the first word they saw was "penis." We'll miss you, Peggy!

The fries were so good that Josephine, Mary, Tiff, and I devoured them before I got a picture.
The TV was playing old movies the whole time. I thought that was a nice touch.
Peggy and the dirty-book gifter.