A Day in San Jose

My sister had a bucket list for fall which included a photoshoot with leaves, so I visited her in San Jose to help her check that item off her list (never mind that it's already the middle of winter). I took the chance to explore the city a little bit. Stephanie said that I'm the first tourist she's ever seen there.

We stopped at Falafel's Drive-In for lunch and ate at the rose garden.

This was my first time at Santana Row, and I didn't go into any storesjust Pinkberry.
The cats at this park were a nice change from the homeless people I usually see at SF parks.

Should've known this was a sign that we weren't done eating.
No trip to SJ is truly complete without Vietnamese food.


  1. great shots! i love the extremely shallow dof on all of them!

  2. I like the second one on the right. You should frame that one.

  3. Wonderful photographs, Katrina. In my opinion you really captured your day beautifully and so well!

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