The Best Camera is the One That's With You

I will be without a laptop for the next week or so while my uncle fixes the LCD once again (I'll probably buy a MacBook soon because this is getting ridiculous). Since I can't edit my photos to create a new blog post, I'm taking this time to put together a compilation of some of my Instagram snaps. My phone goes just about everywhere with me, making this photo-sharing app an easy way to share tiny glimpses into my life (and to exercise my photographic eye when I'm sans DSLR).

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Graduation Portraits - Stephanie

Last week I hopped on a train down to the South Bay to shoot graduation portraits of my sister. These were taken at the photogenic Elizabeth Gamble Garden in Palo Alto. Can't go wrong with the pretty girl + flowers combination!

This photobombing spider caused my sister to snatch her tassle off the sundial...and we had to tie it again.
Us. Taken by Diana.