Oahu, Hawaii

I've given up on making a separate post for each thing we did, so here's one post with select photos spanning four days. We did a lot during our short stay in Oahu, but I feel like there's still a ton of things to see on the island. I'm sure I'll be back and visit some of the other islands too. Huge thanks to my sister (and future wedding planner) Stephanie for planning most of the trip!

View of the ocean from our lenai.

Fresh coconuts at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
My dad loved this taro thing so much, he went back for seconds.

Canoe rides at Paradise Cove.

Feeding the ever-hungry koi fish at the Dole Plantation.

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  1. i know how you feel about posting a separate blog for each event. i always have a hard time trying to organize my events into blogs :P love this post though! really makes me miss hawaii!